Oldestage Kitten Waiting List

Oldestage Kitten Waiting List

We screen all potential homes and new owners very carefully, because we want our kittens placed in homes where they will be well loved and well cared for.

Step One: Get on our Waiting List. This helps us match the right kitten to the right person, and choose suitable homes. Please fill out and submit the following form in order to be considered for our waiting list. Once you are added to our Waiting List, we will contact you if and when a kitten is available, or when a litter of kittens is old enought to come visit.

Step Two: Come visit our cattery, when the kittens are old enough (6-7 weeks old). We prefer that the entire family come visit us, so we can ask each other questions. You will be able to interact with the available kittens at this time. This visit helps both of us determine if we have a kitten that will fit well into your household. For example: a shy kitten might be best suited for a quiet home, and an outgoing kitten might fit in better with a more active family. Some kittens will do better as an only cat, and some kittens crave other feline friends.
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How many hours/day will the cat be left at home alone?

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